Luftwaffe Airstrike

Luftwaffe Airstrike 1.0

Luftwaffe Airstrike is a bi-plane top-down shoot´em-up set in World War II
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Sunny Games

Luftwaffe Airstrike is a bi-plane top-down shoot´em-up set in World War II. This game was developed by Sunny Games, and published by Selectsoft Publishing. In this game, you will control an allied bi-plane to beat cloned zombie pilots that the Third Reich put in the skies for the Luftwaffe to gain the strategic control of the air.

You can play as one of three different pilots, each of them with different skills. You control your aircraft by using your mouse (firing with its left button), or you can choose to guide it with the cursor movement keys, and fire with the spacebar. The game takes place in a top-down scrolling view, you will see everything from the top of the planes. You must shoot every enemy plane, and avoid them hitting you. You will get bonuses when hitting certain planes. Some of them are identified with letters: a "B" bonus will let you fire backwards, a "C" bonus will allow you to cross fire, a "D" bonus will shoot two bullets at a time. A shield will enhance your defenses, a shield with a red cross will enhance your health. Catching a certain bonus will let you perform a single multi-directional shoot. The trial version of this game will let you play for thirty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a fun and fast game


  • The menus can´t be read on some common graphics cards
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